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Skin 101

What is Skin?

A: Skin is made up of two layers: the outermost portion is the epidermis and the lower deeper portion is called the dermis. Each of these layers have many layers of tissue within them. The epidermis takes the beating everyday, facing sun, pollution, sweating, dryness and makeup. Fortunately, both layers are working all the time to make new skin cell layers that are continually rising up to the surface of the skin. These new cells replace older, dead skin cells that are hanging out on the surface, dulling your skin’s appearance. But remember, skin cells start slowing down in our early 20’s and stop replacing the older dead cells once we hit our 50’s and 60’s. Some experts believe that genetics accounts for only 20% of natural aging, with 80% thought to be from accumulated sun exposure. Smoking and sun damage is responsible for advanced wrinkling, pigmentation differences or color variances, blotchy and rough patches and freckles. Aging skin also looses collagen, which is made of protein fibers that give your skin its firmness and elasticity. As we age, loss of collagen means weaker, thinner skin.

So What Are You Waiting For?

Now is the time to put your best face forward




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